Our primary focus is the design-build market in which Structural Engineering design services are provided as part of our proposal. Acting as the design engineer, Steel Technology Inc. and its associates work closely with the project Owner, project Architect, and General Contractor, to provide an efficient and cost effective structural design. The ability to develop structural designs early in the life of a project allows for more accurate project pricing without costly delays due to design revisions. At Steel Technology Inc., projects are expedited through the design, permit, and shop drawing phases of the project in a manner that allows for fabrication to begin sooner than it otherwise would. The design-build process results in quicker steel delivery that reduces overall project construction duration and cost.

Job cast tilt panel structures have also been a large part of our design-build portfolio. Steel Technology Inc. can offer the structural design, detailing, and shop drawing preparation for the construction of job cast concrete tilt panels for both load bearing and non-load bearing applications. Many of our projects have included the use of tilt panels in multi-story office buildings.